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China pledges global vaccine cooperation amid unequal distribution fears

作者:admin 2020-11-24

Photo: AFPChina said it will prioritize the strengthening of international cooperation on vaccine development, and make concrete efforts to promote equal distribution, as the Chinese leader has promised to make the vaccines accessible to dev 阅读全文

Chinese vaccine cold

作者:admin 2020-11-16

Sinovac's Covid-19 vaccine. Photo: VCGChinese makers of cold-chain equipment for medical use are running at full swing to meet booming orders from pandemic-hit countries such as the US, with a looming shortage of cryogenic storage freezers.T 阅读全文

No arrangements for widespread vaccine use yet says CDC, amid hype over mass program

作者:admin 2020-10-20

vaccine Photo:VCGThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) across some Chinese provinces denied they are undertaking COVID-19 vaccine inoculation for emergency use or that they have short-term plans for it before the vaccine gets 阅读全文

Eastern Chinese cities to offer ordinary citizens COVID

作者:admin 2020-10-17

A boy looks at Sinovac Biotech LTD's vaccine candidate for COVID-19 on display at the China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) in Beijing. Photo: AFPWith the safety and effectiveness of China's homegrown COVID-19 vaccines grad 阅读全文

COVID19 vaccine co

作者:admin 2020-09-15

A COVID-19 vaccine at the Research Centers of America Photo: AFPAn mRNA vaccine against the coronavirus co-developed by a German Biotech company BioNTech, a Chinese pharmaceutical company Fosun Pharma and a US Pharmaceutical company Pfizer 阅读全文

China ramps up vaccine globalization to ensure equitable distribution as US shuns efforts

作者:admin 2020-09-04

Photo: AFPWhile the US on Tuesday refused to join the international effort to develop a COVID-19 vaccine, China is pooling efforts in international cooperation to secure a fair distribution of COVID-19 vaccines without geopolitical boundarie 阅读全文

China pushes shared vaccine research with global partners

作者:admin 2020-09-04

Vaccine Photo: Xinhua The World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations agencies, health charities and the international vaccine industry, have proclaimed efforts in ensuring a more equal and scientific accessibility to COVID19 vaccines. T 阅读全文

Chinese partners may begin making Russia's Sputnik V vaccine in November

作者:admin 2020-09-01

A medical worker shows the inactivated COVID-19 vaccine candidate developed by SinoPharm at the company's vaccine candidate production plant on April 10. Photo: Xinhua The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), which provided funding for the 阅读全文

Chinese ambassador slams fake news claiming China testing COVID

作者:admin 2020-08-22

vaccine Photo:VCGChina is not conducting coronavirus vaccine testing in Papua New Guinea, said the Chinese ambassador to PNG, slamming certain foreign media outlets' ill-intended fake news which suggested that China was testing a vaccine in 阅读全文