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Footprints Mark a Toddler’s Perilous Prehistoric Journey

作者:admin 2020-10-25

ImageHikers traversed a dune in the White Sands National Park in New Mexico this year.Credit...David Zalubowski/Associated PressMost of the human footprints were made by a barefoot adolescent of either sex, or a young adult female with roughly size 6 阅读全文

Puede que haya un par de nuevos órganos en tu cabeza, dicen los médicos

作者:admin 2020-10-22

En el rincón donde la cavidad nasal se encuentra con la garganta, se ha identificado un posible par de glándulas salivales que hasta ahora permanecían ocultas.Credit...SPL/Science SourcePor Katherine J. Wu20 de octubre de 2020Read in EnglishDespués d 阅读全文

Doctors May Have Found Secretive New Organs in the Center of Your Head

作者:admin 2020-10-21

Hidden in the nook where the nasal cavity meets the throat, a possible pair of salivary glands has lurked undiscovered.Credit...SPL/Science SourceBy Katherine J. WuOct. 19, 2020After millenniums of careful slicing and dicing, it might seem as though 阅读全文

Some Signs of Recovery From Severe Covid Lung Damage

作者:admin 2020-10-19

The longterm effects of Covid-19 on lung tissue are still unknown.Credit...Visar Kryeziu/Associated PressBy Lina ZeldovichOct. 18, 2020Updated 10:22 a.m. ETWhen Annie Coissieux tried to stand up for the first time after weeks in the hospital battling 阅读全文

Drug May Extend A.L.S. Patients' Lives by Several Months, Study Finds

作者:admin 2020-10-17

The two-drug combination was conceived seven years ago by Justin Klee, left, and Joshua Cohen when they were students at Brown University.Credit...Cody O'Loughlin for The New York TimesBy Pam BelluckOct. 16, 2020, 8:00 a.m. ETA potential therapy for 阅读全文

How Many Plants Have We Wiped Out? Here Are 5 Extinction Stories

作者:admin 2020-10-17

ImageFranklinia alatamaha, extinct in nature, can still be found in arboretums and botanical gardens.Credit...Nature’s Images, via Science SourceDespite the fact that it’s extinct, you could reasonably venture upon Franklinia alatamaha.Considered “ex 阅读全文

Did Lockdowns Lower Premature Births? A New Study Adds Evidence

作者:admin 2020-10-16

A preterm newborn was wheeled to meet his mother in a hospital in Istanbul. A large study of babies born in the Netherlands links the lockdowns with fewer preterm births.Credit...Chris Mcgrath/Getty ImagesBy Elizabeth PrestonOct. 15, 2020, 5:02 a.m. 阅读全文

The Dire Wolf Might Have Prowled Asia, Fossil Suggests

作者:admin 2020-10-16

A dire wolf skull at the Museum of Ancient Life in Lehi, Utah. A fossil jaw uncovered in China suggests the Pleistocene predator roamed Asia as well as the Americas.Credit...Millard H. Sharp/Science SourceBy Katherine KorneiOct. 15, 2020, 10:41 a.m. 阅读全文

Dogs Once Made Pretty Nice Wool Blankets, Too

作者:admin 2020-10-10

A blanket dated to about 1850, believed to be made from the wool of a dog bred by Coast Salish people for its fleece. Credit...Tessa CampbellBy Lesley Evans OgdenOct. 9, 2020, 5:00 a.m. ETEight years ago, Tessa Campbell heard a genuine shaggy dog sto 阅读全文

One 13

作者:admin 2020-10-08

Students wait in line for school in New York. A new study revealed that while teenagers may not get as sick from Covid-19, they can rapidly spread the virus to family members.Credit...John Minchillo/Associated PressBy Kenneth ChangOct. 6, 2020Adolesc 阅读全文