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Biden Sees Overwhelming Support From Indian

作者:admin 2020-10-15

Senator Kamala Harris has had a galvanizing effect on Indian-Americans, a voting bloc that could help the Democratic ticket in battleground states like Pennsylvania, Florida and Michigan.Credit...Hilary Swift for The New York TimesBy Emily SchmallOct 阅读全文

House Reports Push for More Focus on China by Intelligence Agencies

作者:admin 2020-10-02

The Great Hall of the People in Beijing. A House Intelligence Committee report calls for a “significant realignment of resources” to help the United States compete with China.Credit...Roman Pilipey/EPA, via ShutterstockBy Julian E. BarnesSept. 30, 20 阅读全文

Senate Democrats Present $350 Billion Strategy to Counter China

作者:admin 2020-09-18

Uighurs watching a movie at a tea house in Xinjiang, China. The Democrats’ bill would seek to punish Beijing for human rights abuses against the largely Muslim Uighur minority. Credit...Gilles Sabrié for The New York TimesBy Catie EdmondsonSept. 17, 阅读全文