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Seven Charged in Flying Squirrel Trafficking Ring, Florida Officials Say

作者:admin 2020-10-21

Flying squirrels, a protected species, are one of three tree squirrel species native to Florida.Credit...Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation CommissionBy Bryan PietschOct. 19, 2020Seven people have been charged in a Florida-based international fly 阅读全文

International Crime Ring That Trafficked in Shark Fins Is Dismantled, U.S. Says

作者:admin 2020-09-06

Among the items seized by federal authorities were illegally harvested shark fins and bladders from the endangered totoaba fish.Credit...U.S. Attorney Southern District of GeorgiaBy Aimee OrtizSept. 4, 2020Shark fin soup, considered a delicacy in som 阅读全文

Cómo mudar a tu elefante en una pandemia

作者:admin 2020-08-13

ImageMara en el zoológico de Buenos Aires. Su recinto, construido en 1904, estaba inspirado en un templo hindú de elefantes en Bombay.A la usanza de la época, el recinto de Mara se construyó para emular las románticas ruinas de un templo hindú. Pero 阅读全文