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Short video platform WeSee establishes project for micro

作者:admin 2020-12-25

Short video platform WeSee establishes project for micro

Promotional material for WeSee's upcoming 2021 Spring Festival micro-shows Photo: Courtesy of WeSee

WeSee, the
short video platform from Chinese media giant Tencent, will weigh in on micro-length content such as 1- to 3-minute-long dramas shot to fit phones in portrait mode and support for user-generated content through the platform's Mars Project, said Li La, a vice general manger of Tencent's short video business on Wednesday. 

Statistics shows that 881 million users in China enjoy short videos, nearly 90 percent of total internet users in the country. Seeing the growing demand for this contents, WeSee has initiated the Mars Project, which aims at producing high quality miniseries with episodes that are less than 3 minutes long. 

Since the beginning of 2020, the platform has released two series, adapted from an animated work and a video game.  

The new project will also release several new series aimed at young audiences for the upcoming 2021 Spring Festival. 

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