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Hua Chunying File photo:CGTN

Chinese Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that the illustration featuring an Australian soldier murdering a child is based on facts and not a "fake photograph," pointing out Australia's attempt to divert public attention from its inhumane crimes in Afghanistan.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison earlier Monday demanded an apology from China over a tweet by foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian, claiming the cartoon was fake and that China should feel "ashamed" of it.

On Monday, Zhao tweeted a satirical illustration, created by Chinese cartoonist Wuheqilin, depicting an Australian soldier murdering an Afghan child. 

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying on Tuesday said Morrison's accusation is groundless, as the circulating picture is not a photograph but a computer-generated illustration.

"An illustration is different from a fake photograph," Hua noted.

This illustration is based on an investigation report by the Australian Department of Defense, Hua pointed out, noting, "Although it is a painting, it reflects the facts." 

Hua also quoted the cartoonist as saying: "Mr. Morrison, your soldiers have done worse things than the illustration shows."

Hua said Morrison's real purpose is clear, and that is to divert attention and shift pressure from Australian war crimes to criticism against China.

Some Australian politicians and certain Australians hold inexplicable and unreasonable arrogance and hypocrisy, Hua said. They are trying to deprive China of its right to tell the truth as they are afraid of the truth, she noted.

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