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Tengyun Summit focuses on fusion between technology and culture amid COVID

作者:admin 2020-11-30

Tengyun Summit focuses on fusion between technology and culture amid COVID

From left: Feng Naien, president of Prince Gong's Mansion, Ge Jianxiong, professor from Fudan University and popular online writer Tang Jia San Shao attend the roundtable talk at the Tengyun Summit on Thursday Photo: Courtesy of Tencent

A group of scholars, researchers and writers gathered in
Beijing on Thursday for the annual Tengyun Summit, hosted by Chinese tech giant Tencent. Under the theme "Fluid Boundaries," the summit raised a number of questions about how people live and entertain themselves under the threat of the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic. 

These scholars agreed that with modern technological means such as remote working and e-training, people can carry on their lives without walking outside, which teases new possibilities for future cultural development.   

According to Cheng Wu, a vice president from Tencent, technological means such as social media have played a key role in keeping the entire world functioning during the epidemic. Live streamed concerts from artists performing in their own homes and short videos made by ordinary people to lift other's spirits have gone on to earn billions of views and help people get through these difficult times.  

The summit also included three roundtable talks to discuss the relationship between technology and culture. In the eyes of China's popular online writer Tang Jia San Shao, online literature is a mature means of expression. 

"The internet is lowering the barrier of entry for Chinese literature. Writers can release new content at any time and get instant feedback and support from readers," he said, going on to explain that online literature in China is growing fast and being adapted into animated series, movies and even games.  

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