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Bruce Lee’s 80th birthday commemorated globally, legacy continues to inspire many

作者:admin 2020-11-28

Bruce Lee’s 80th birthday commemorated globally, legacy continues to inspire many

A Bruce Lee-themed tram runs through Hong Kong's Central district on Friday to commemorate Lee's 80th birthday. Three such trams featuring Bruce Lee icons will run on the Hong Kong island until January.Photo: cnsphoto

As the late Chinese martial arts superstar Bruce Lee would have turned 80 on Friday, his fans around the world celebrated his birthday through online and offline activities. 

To many, he was more than a Kung Fu star, his profound legacy -broke the West's stereotype of Chinese people and culture and his powerful philosophy in arts and life lives on in the hearts of many more than 47 years after his passing. 

In Lee's hometown Foshan, South China's Guangdong Province, a series of commemorative activities have been organized since early November. Heman Leung, Secretary-General of Foshan Chin Woo Athletic Association, told the Global Times on Friday that a Bruce Lee look-alike contest, art exhibition of Lee, online and offline seminars of fans recalling Lee's past and overseas promotion of Lee's movies were held in Foshan. 

Foshan has also used the occasion to hold martial arts contests that attracted 7,000 participants, and the martial arts city aimed to develop the hometown of Bruce Lee into a gathering place for world-class martial arts culture. 

Although Kung Fu is a traditional Chinese sport that likely started long before history was recorded, Leung said that masters and grandmasters of it now try to combine the techniques and philosophies of traditional martial arts with modern competitions to convey its modern significance. 

Several players of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), including China's first UFC champion Zhang Weili, turned to him to learn the skills and wisdom of Wing Chun Kung Fu, a type of Chinese Kung Fu, Leung said. 

On the occasion of Bruce Lee's 80th birthday, his daughter Shannon Lee posted on that even though he passed away in 1973, "his life continues to inspire us to new heights."

Hongkong Post launched a special stamp issue with the theme "Bruce Lee's Legacy in the World of Martial Arts" on Friday to pay tribute to the all-time superstar through his films and philosophy.

Chinese netizens also shared video clips and photos of Lee while commemorating him on social media.

"He brought Chinese martial arts to the world and let the world acknowledge Chinese culture. He is the all-time hero," read a typical comment on Sina Weibo. 

Bruce Lee did not just inspire the present with his body of art and philosophy, but also helped connect people from around the world and helped people from other countries understand China and Chinese culture.

William Cheung, founder of The Global Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Associated based in Melbourne, told the Global Times on Friday that he and his Kung Fu students will have an outdoor dinner Friday night to commemorate Lee, as beef rice was his favorite food.

Cheung is also a Kung Fu master who started his training in Wing Chun Kung Fu under the guidance of grandmaster Yip Man in 1951. He introduced the young Bruce Lee to Yip Man in 1953 and also personally trained Lee.

Cheung has established Wing Chun Kung Fu schools in 22 countries including Australia and the US. 

In Melbourne, 90 percent of his students are local Australians. He said that his students developed a strong interest in Chinese history, culture and Chinese philosophy through practicing Kung Fu and they turned to be more open toward Chinese people.

Leung said that his fellow martial arts performers helped bring Chinese Kung Fu overseas and now they expect more foreign lovers of Kung Fu could visit where it came from and learn more about the real China.

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