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Beijing’s Yishu 8 showcases works of young artist Ni Lingling

作者:admin 2020-11-27

Beijing’s Yishu 8 showcases works of young artist Ni Lingling

Ni Lingling shows off a piece of felt at her exhibition on Wednesday. Photo: Courtesy of Yishu 8

A new exhibition featuring felt wool works by young artist Ni Lingling kicked off at the Daqian Contemporary Art Center in Beijing's 798 Art Zone on Wednesday. 

The exhibition is part of a cooperative project between the Golden Phoenix foundation and the Prix Yishu 8 awards in Beijing, which aims to provide a platform to showcase works and creations from artists like Ni, its very first winner.

According to the project, each year a young Chinese craftsman will be chosen and offered the opportunity to study in France, hold dialogues with European artists and exhibit their works in major art centers. 

Ni, who won in 2019, started her French tour in early 2020. After returning to China, she has incorporated the experience and inspiration found overseas into her work, while also traveling to the provinces of Qinghai and Yunnan to help local craftsmen. 

Most of the more than 70 works at the exhibition, which comes to an end on December 12, were created during her time in France or shortly after her return.  

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