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Training project opened for Chinese web fiction writers

作者:admin 2020-11-25

Training project opened for Chinese web fiction writers

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An online training center for Chinese web fiction
writers has been set up, to help these writers better understand the rules of the web fiction industry and train more writers for the film and TV industry.

The training center was launched on Friday by China Literature. Several well-known web writers and screenwriters who have published many popular works were invited to be tutors for fresh writers, according to an introduction sent to the Global Times by the company on Monday.

The establishment of the training center is considered a milestone for the Chinese web fiction industry by literature experts because there is a professional system and channel for the training and promotion of network writers, meaning a major breakthrough in the training system in China, a report by The Paper said.

Hou Xiaonan, the vice president of China Literature, said that among new web fiction writers registering with the company from 2018 to 2019, 74 percent were born after 1995. Most of them lack writing experience, and 80 percent of them want training.

The training center will provide online and offline lessons for young writers. Online courses are offered at a graded level according to the situation of each student, and beginner courses are available for writers with zero experience.

An employee of China Literature told the Global Times that besides online courses, the training project will also provide lessons and workshops such as writing skills, communication skills with fans and case studies.

China's film and TV industry is thirsty for good scripts, with demand boosted by hit TV dramas such as Joy of Life.

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