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Nearly a million receive injection of Sinopharm

作者:admin 2020-11-20

Nearly a million receive injection of Sinopharm

A medical worker shows the inactivated COVID-19 vaccine candidate developed by SinoPharm at the company's vaccine candidate production plant on April 10. Photo: Xinhua

Vaccines developed by Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinopharm Group have now been used on nearly one million people, with no serious adverse reactions reported, and only a few people reporting mild symptoms, Sinopharm Chairman Liu Jingzhen told Chinese media on Wednesday.

The vaccines' inoculation range has obviously expanded, as about 100,000 people received injection of the Sinopharm-developed vaccines during the China International Import Expo last week, Liu said. Some 56,000 people had left the country after being vaccinated, and none had been infected with the novel coronavirus after vaccination.

Sinopharm's phase-III clinic trials of two inactivated vaccines against the novel coronavirus have been conducted in dozens of countries and regions, including the UAE, Egypt, Bahrain, Peru and Argentina, with more than 60,000 participants, Liu noted. 

The head of the Chinese pharmaceutical company said that Sinopharm-developed vaccines are leading the world in every aspect; in terms of vaccine research and development, clinical trials, as well as production and emergency use. 

Earlier on October 20, Liu revealed that China National Biotec Group Company is ready for the mass production of vaccines and its supply will be sufficient and safe. More than 10 countries had said they have attempted to use the vaccines.

Global Times 

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