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Lebanese artist turns blast debris into symbol of hope

作者:admin 2020-11-18

She stands nearly three meters tall with her arm raised, the wind whipping the hair away from her scarred face, and a broken clock at her feet with the hands showing 6:08, the time that a blast ripped through Beirut port on the evening of August 4.

Lebanese artist turns blast debris into symbol of hope

People walk near destroyed buildings after the explosion in Beirut, Lebanon, Aug. 4, 2020. The two huge explosions that rocked Lebanon's capital Beirut on Tuesday left dozens dead and injured, al-Jadeed TV channel reported. Photo: Xinhua

The unnamed statue by Lebanese artist Hayat Nazer is made of broken glass and twisted materials that belonged to people's homes before the explosion that killed 200 and injured 6,000, and symbolizes the city's hopes of rising from the rubble.

"If you look at the statue, one half has a leg standing, the hand looks surrendered, there is a scar on the face with the flying hair and the clock on this side, as if the explosion is still happening," Nazer told Reuters Television.

"But the other hand and the other leg... is leaning as if it is starting to walk and the hand is raised, it wants to continue, it wants to keep going and rise from the rubble. And this is the truth, this is our truth," the 33-year-old explained.

The huge blast, which leveled a swathe of Beirut and made some 300,000 residents homeless, has compounded Lebanon's worst financial crisis since the 1975-90 civil war.

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