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Chinese artist presents paintings created during pandemic in NY

作者:admin 2020-10-19

More than 50 works Chinese painter Chen Dongfan created since the outbreak of COVID-19 went on display at the Fou Gallery in New York on Saturday.

The exhibition, which will be open until December 19, features two new oil painting series Poster and Story in addition to Chen's latest large oil painting Rise From the Ashes, according to a press release from the gallery. 

Chen, who lives in New York, chose to create small-sized paintings at home when he was not able to go to his studio during self-quarantine.

Each work of the Story series was drawn on Chinese rice paper of the size similar to an open book, with a line of literary text on the left side.

Meanwhile, the Poster series records Chen's struggles and confusions while quarantined at home.

Rise from the Ashes, which was created at Chen's studio as New York reopened, reveals Chen's ecstasy of seeing the dawn of returning to a normal life.

After he graduated from the Total Art Studio of the China Academy of Art in 2008, Chen has been living and working both in New York and China's Hangzhou since 2014. He has created large-scale paintings in New York like Sun Yat-sen Road in Color and The Song of Dragon and Flowers.

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