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Poster art comes to Damei Center

作者:admin 2020-10-12

Poster art comes to Damei Center

The poster exhibition Photo: Courtesy of Damei Center

What happens when design, theater and contemporary art meet? Chinese visual artist Nie Jingzhu's new exhibition at Damei Center tries to provide an answer. 

The ongoing UT Pictura Theatrum show features Nie's posters for dozens of renowned Chinese and overseas theater works including A Midsummer Night's Dream, Turandot, Letter from an Unknown Woman and Four Dreams of Linchuan, as well as some installation works inspired by these famous dramas. 

According to Nie, the visual art at the exhibition will help visitors view these theater works from a new perspective, from "familiar" to "unknown," while raising thinking toward dignity, humanity, war, life and romance. 

The exhibition is part of the center's participation in 2020 Beijing Design Week, which also includes a talk between the artist, curator Zhu He, Zhao Jing from the Damei Center and photographer Chen Xurenren. 

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