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Beijing exhibition focuses on development

作者:admin 2020-10-09

Beijing exhibition focuses on development

Zhang Xiaogang's Bloodline Series: Big Family Photo: Courtesy of the Beijing Minsheng Art Museum

The latest exhibition at the Beijing Minsheng Art Museum brings the development of China's contemporary art into focus through works from 91 Chinese artists. 

The 95 works on display, which include paintings, sculptures and installations, offer a window into Chinese contemporary art, which has rapidly developed since the late 1970s. 

According to the exhibition's curators, Chinese contemporary art can be seen as a life form "which has an impulse inside that can't be stopped and it never stops, and changes all the time." 

In their eyes, the permanent exhibition doesn't aim to give a history or conclusion about art, but instead, stands to face the future. 

The exhibition, divided into six sections, is showcasing works from Chinese artists such as Zhang Xiaogang, Qiu Zhijie, Zhou Chunya and Liu Wei. 

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