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Beijing art exhibition focuses on young emerging artists

作者:admin 2020-10-09

Beijing art exhibition focuses on young emerging artists

The exhibition hall of the Art Nova 100 10th Anniversary Exibition. Photo: Courtesy to the Art Nova 100

The art program Art Nova 100 is celebrating its upcoming 10th anniversary by launching an exhibition in Beijing focused on the development of the art scene created by young artists. 

Launched on October 4 at Beijing’s Guardian Art Centre, the Art Nova 100 10th Anniversary Exhibition features nearly 500 artworks, such as oil paintings, sculptures and performance art projects, created by more than 100 young emerging artists. 

Of special note, the exhibition has invited a “special guest” this year, an AI named Eilisa, to guide and interact with visitors. 

The exhibition takes the theme of “IN/OUT,” two words which describe the concept of “breathing,” and symbolizes the meaning of moving on from the past and embracing new emergences in an artistic context. 

The exhibition includes three sections and a virtual showroom. The three sections – Fluid Society, Natural Simulation and the Deduction of Civilization – show how artists create art to reflect social issues, explore the uncertainties between the natural and the artificial, and discover the elements that construct the concept of civilization in an artistic context. The virtual showroom displays Eilisa’s AI world and explores the existence of time. 

First launched in 2011, the Art Nova 100 program is dedicated to recommending and supporting young artists. The 2020 Art Nova 100 exhibition is scheduled to end on Saturday. 

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