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Joe Biden and Democratic candidates for Congress are campaigning heavily on the issue, arguing that another term of a Trump presidency would mean a rollback of insurance protections that are extremely popular. Mr. Biden pressed the issue at Tuesday night’s presidential debate, saying “there’s 100 million people that have pre-existing conditions” who could see their access to insurance “taken away.”

That case seems to sway Democratic and independent voters, but not Republicans: Recent polls show the party’s voters believe the president will do the best job of protecting those with pre-existing conditions. They believe the repeated promises he makes, at campaign rallies, in Twitter messages and with executive orders — despite his support of lawsuits and legislation that would do the opposite.

A recent survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation found that 84 percent of Republican adults said Trump had the “better approach” for people with pre-existing conditions. Another, from the Commonwealth Fund, found that 81 percent of Republican likely voters said he was “more likely to protect health insurance coverage” for such people.