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Online cultural week celebrates China’s Mid

作者:admin 2020-09-29

An online cultural week including events focusing on
China's Mid-Autumn Festival was launched on Monday to celebrate the upcoming traditional Chinese festival, which falls on October 1 in 2020. 

The Mid-Autumn Festival: A Moonmoment to Remember cultural week, hosted by the Bureau of International Exchange and Cooperation of China's Ministry of Culture and Tourism with the assistance of other organizations, focuses on five aspects such as the inheritance of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival culture, and travel and leisure during the festival. 

The cultural event includes online exhibitions and concerts, short videos and training sessions related to the Mid-Autumn Festival. 

Guided by a fluffy moon bunny, All About The Mid-Autumn Festival is a highlighted virtual exhibition that uses 3D immersive displays to introduce the background information surrounding the Mid-Autumn Festival. Meanwhile, The Taste of China at Mid-Autumn: Chinese Gourmet Workshop is an online event aimed at sharing Huaiyang-cuisine food recipes. 

The Mid-Autumn Festival originated in China, but is celebrated around the world. To invite overseas audiences to enjoy this festival, the online tour A VR Experience Journey to China is adopting 5G and VR technologies to introduce to the world Chinese culture, traditions, and urban landscapes in seven distinctive Chinese regions such as the Tibet Autonomous Region, Yunnan Province and Chongqing Municipality. 

The online cultural week presents the traditional concept of Mid-Autumn Festival in a new digital way. The exhibition is scheduled to come to an end on October 5.


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