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Sculpture exhibition from top artists shines at Ji'nan

作者:admin 2020-09-28

Sculpture exhibition from top artists shines at Ji'nan  第1张

Horse and Sailor by Yu Fan Photo: Courtesy of Yao Jie

Sculpture exhibition from top artists shines at Ji'nan  第2张

Duchamp and Bird by Yu Fan Photo: Courtesy of Yao Jie

Sculpture exhibition from top artists shines at Ji'nan  第3张

 Leaving Home by Zhang Yongjian Photo: Courtesy of Yao Jie

Four of China's top artists - Sui Jianguo, Zhang Yongjian, Yu Fan and Lu Zhengyuan - brought their finest
sculptures to Ji'nan, capital of East China's Shandong Province, for OCT Ji'nan's first public art exhibition on Thursday. 

Accord to Lu, who is also the exhibition's curator, the Enlighten exhibition carries the artists' hopes to reignite the art world as it begins to recover from the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic. 

"The deadly virus changed everything and everyone. People suffered from the epidemic and changed. In 2020, we owe ourselves a smile, but the ongoing exhibition will also enlighten visitors in some way," said Lu. 

A part of a long-term public art project run by OCT North China, the exhibition aims to enlighten people's thinking toward life and appreciation of beauty through public sculptures. From Sui to Lu, each of these four artists are presenting works that reveal their creators' own unique styles. 

As one of China's most important contemporary artists, Sui is known around the world for several series such as Earth Force and the recent Limited Edition. Among his works on exhibit are Portrait of the Blind, Between Mountain and Sea and The Blind

Zhang, an enthusiast of Taihu Lake stone, has been working on the expression of this material in sculpture. He doesn't change the shape of these large stones, instead just lets them speak for themselves. 

When looking at the works from Yu, visitors will find something inside their own hearts - a form of inner peace which the artist hopes to explore through simple depictions of horses, girls and a sailor riding on a horse. 

Maple trees and rocks are commonly seen among Lu's works, which focus on his artistic expression toward daily life. 

The exhibition is set to run until November 24. 

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