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TV drama about anti

作者:admin 2020-09-22

TV drama about anti

Photo: Screenshot of TV drama Heroes in Harm’s Way

The Chinese TV drama Heroes in Harm's Way, which chronicles seven stories of China's solidarity and courage during the COVID-19 pandemic, faced criticism and suspicion after airing on Thursday. 

The seven stories focus on how medical workers, researchers, common people and volunteers were united to fight the unknown virus. Viewers criticized the plot and stereotyped dialogue between characters saying they are far from depicting what really happened.

One of the most controversial scenes shows drivers registering to transport epidemic control supplies and the chief says: "All the registered are men, any woman?" A divorced female driver applies even though her female co-workers tried to persuade her not to. 

The episode sparked anger online and netizens dismissed it as a derogatory depiction of women. "Why does it have to show the other women's unwillingness to help to highlight the heroine?" asked a Weibo user. 

"Is it indicating that women do not have a sense of responsibility for the country and only care about their small family?" asked another. "Why not include the female medics who accounted for two thirds of all frontline fighters?" was yet another comment.  

Another scene shows a bus driver taking a military doctor to hospital in Wuhan. The driver called the doctor dajunguan, which literally means grand military officer, and the doctor refused such an address and asked to be called by name. Netizens noted the dialogue is weird as the phrase is never used by Chinese people to refer to military personnel. 

"It sounds like some old, feudal thing like warlords. We call a soldier comrade in most cases," a net user wrote. 

The series was also criticized for unprofessional portrayals of the treatment for patients, such as taking off facial masks before removing protective outfits and gloves. 

Stories telling true facts would be more touching than making inappropriate adaptations, netizens said. 

 "Setting up contrasts was a tactic to highlight virtues of the main characters. But the production team did it in a very clumsy way and nobody who lived through the epidemic would say it was a good retelling of those touching stories," a student in cinematography told the Global Times

It's the first of its kind and the public have been waiting with high expectations of such works. "If it were not for the theme, the series would hardly attract an audience," a Beijing-based viewer said. 

The executive producer defended the series in a reply to online controversies, saying: "There is always an angle to attack."

The series received a 2.4 out of 10 on Chinese review platform Douban with many giving it only one star. A douban user wrote "to be honest it may not be that bad among all the dramas, but it is too bad this is telling stories of a series shared memory and trauma."  

The review section on Douban has been closed without explanation. 

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