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HK rioter's winning of Time reader poll mocked by netizens as magazine 'hits lowest of lows'

作者:admin 2020-09-21

HK rioter's winning of Time reader poll mocked by netizens as magazine 'hits lowest of lows'

A view of Hong Kong Photo: VCG

Hong Kong high-profile rioter Nathan Law's winning of the Time magazine reader poll was questioned by the city's residents whether that Law, the person who made his living by destroying Hong Kong, is qualified to juxtaposition with so many great figures who also made it onto the magazine's cover. Netizens said that if Law is chosen, the magazine will "hit the lowest of lows for featuring such a notorious figure."

Law took first place in the poll after gaining 3.8 percent of some 4.7 million votes cast by readers, who were asked by Time to vote for who they thought should make the publication's annual list. Time said it will publish the complete list on Tuesday.

The news has caused torrents of taunts on Chinese social media platforms, such as Sina Weibo, with some netizens saying that voting for Law, a rioter who fled Hong Kong and abandoned his family as soon as the national security law for Hong Kong was enacted, and who made no contribution to anyone, shows the sadness and shallowness of some people in the Western world. 

Some netizens also denounced that it shows the magazine's "bad taste," as "it now prefers to chose anyone who wants to mess up Hong Kong."

Another high-profile Hong Kong rioter was posted on the cover of Time magazine in 2014 for participating in the "Occupy Central" riots.

In response to the poll, Law said on his Facebook page on Saturday that "I am sure that Hongkongers will support whoever from Hong Kong on the list, be it Edward Leung, Joshua Wong, or other brave protesters."

According to Hong Kong media, people in the city also questioned Law's nomination, saying Law did nothing but earn money via destroying the city. 

Some netizens even joked that maybe the result has already broken the hearts of Joshua Wong and Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai, for it chose "a fleeing traitor Law over them." 

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